Our Mission

GLWR was founded in Michigan in May of 2005 by five ­­­individuals with a single common bond – a love of the Weimaraner dog. We understood the special needs of the breed and had a desire to help those dogs that found themselves lost, abandoned, neglected or mistreated and through no fault of their own were without a family and a loving home. GLWR was founded with the premise and intent of assisting Weimaraners in need of re-homing assistance. We found that the other breed specific rescues at the time were selective about the dogs they would/could help and many in need did not receive needed assistance. Instead they languished in shelters; possibly meeting an untimely and unjust demise there. We were especially concerned about those discarded by their owners and placed in shelters due to age, health, behavioral or other problems that made them less likely to be adopted through an all breed shelter environment.

Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue In the Wind

We decided that we would rise to the challenge and fill the gap left by other organizations. We knew that for every kennel space we could open up by offering to take a Weimaraner from an animal shelter facility or from an owner another space was available for another dog to have an opportunity for life. For a dog to have a chance for one more day so they too could perhaps have a loving family find and adopt them. So while we deal specifically with Weimaraners in need our work helps other dogs as well.

GLWR started as a small grass roots organization and before we knew it we had grown to covering all the Great Lakes States and Ontario Canada! The need and demand has only heightened with the economical changes in the last few years. With double digit numbers in rescue at any given time and a double digit wait lists of owner surrenders it has been a challenge to manage and maintain a multi state non-profit organization in today’s economical climate.

What People Are Saying About GLWR

We adopted Chloe when she was 8 years old, about 4 years ago. GLWR made sure we got the perfect fit for our family. She is now 12 and honestly the best dog I have ever had (don’t tell my first Weim)! They were honest, efficient, and really care about the dogs. Keep up the great work!

~ Christine, 2018