Adoption Process and Application


Application Process - What you need to know

It's important to note that many of the dogs GLWR currently has for adoption have behavioural issues. This means that they cannot be placed in a home without careful consideration of:  the home environment (including backyard), children in the home, other dogs and cats, and past Weim experience. We want you to know this going into the application process as you may not be approved, or be scheduled for a meet and greet. This is in the best interest of the dogs.  We thank you for understanding. 

GLWR is a foster-based rescue organization and does not have a traditional physical kennel facility. Our dogs are typically housed in family homes and cared for by their foster until we find a forever home for them. Therefore, our process to meet dogs and to adopt may be different than a normal animal control facility, humane society or animal shelter.

In order to schedule a visit to meet GLWR dogs available; you must:

  • apply to adopt
  • successfully complete the four step process
  • be approved to adopt
  • drive to meet the dog
  • bring all family members and current dogs to the meet & greet
  • GLWR DOES NOT hold dogs

The list of available dogs is always changing.

Donation fees are age-based and range from $600 to $350.

We cover 5 states - all family members and current dogs will have to drive to meet our weimaraners in their foster homes.

Only apply if you're  prepared to drive 5-10 hours one way.

We understand that it seems like a long process to get through to just meet a dog, however, we want to ensure that dogs and families are a good match - and that the dog you are interested in is still available once you're approved. Although we try our best, not all adopters end up adopting a Weim from us.  Factors such as requirements for both the dog and the adopter may not be a good match. Examples include: other dogs/cats in the home, unfenced or no backyard, small children, time left alone etc.. We also feel it important to have potential adopter’s screened adequately to ensure that we know who may be engaging with our volunteers and visiting our foster familys' homes. Their peace of mind and safety is of utmost importance to GLWR.

We want every prospective family to be 100% comfortable with their decision to adopt a rescued Weimaraner. If at any time “it’s just not working out,” we are always happy to take the dog back - no questions asked. Please note that per the adoption agreement GLWR requires that the dog must be returned to the rescue if you are cannot to keep the dog. We will work with you as needed to coordinate and ensure the dog’s safe return.

Step 1 Apply

No fee is required to apply. The application process consists of the following: written application, reference check, phone interview, and lastly a home environment verification; which may be either a physical home visit by a GLWR volunteer or possibly a digital tour of the home depending upon logistics and timing. Please be open, honest, and thoroughly complete while filling out the online adoption application. Personal information will never be shared with anyone outside of GLWR The application process takes time. On average it takes about 2 weeks to complete.  Delays in obtaining information from references, etc., can increase the processing time. Please be open, honest, and thoroughly complete while filling out the online adoption application. Personal information will never be shared with anyone outside of GLWR.

Step 2 Match

When a match is found, a GLWR Adoption Coordinator will call you. They'll tell you about the dog and put you in touch with the foster family who will in turn provide you with personal details and set up a time for the entire family (including current dogs) to visit with the dog in their home.  *note -  a match can take few weeks to several months and maybe even longer depending on your requirements (young, female good with cats & small children for example) and the dogs available. We make every effort to match the right Weimaraner with your family dynamics and lifestyle and hope to make a successful placement that will result in a lifetime match.

Step 3 Visit

All prospective new families must travel, in some cases many hours,  to meet the dog in their foster home environment. This ensures the dogs are where they feel the most comfortable and can be themselves. We want to make sure you see the “real”’ them and vice versa! Please plan to bring your current canine companion(s) and all family members living in your home. If you have a special needs dog that cannot travel please let your Adoption Counsellor know and they will work with you.

If the meet and greet visit is successful and all parties agree that it's a match - the foster family can finalize the adoption and you will be able to take your dog home with you that same day! Therefore, please make home preparations prior to your visit so you will be ready to take your new friend home!

You will not need to bring anything for the day, unless you wish your new dog to travel home in a crate. When a GLWR dog is adopted he/she is sent home with a large take home pack that includes; a personalized folder with the adoption contract; relevant medical and behavioral information and general information to help the new adopter acclimate their Weimaraner to his/her new life; a GLWR CD containing e-books and articles to help you train and care for your new friend; toys; treats; supplements; a new collar and leash; a no slip collar for a safe ride home; anti-pull walking harness; transfer kibble and food; a special hand-made fleece blanket and more!

Step 4 Follow Up

Once our dog moves on to their “forever” home, we like to stay in touch with our families to ensure that all is going well and everyone is getting acclimated to each other. We are happy to assist you with any advice, suggestions or information that you need to help settle and acclimate your new family member into your home to make the transition as comfortable and stress free as possible.

Our goal is to make the adoption process a rewarding one and a good experience for all involved. We like to think of our Weims and their adopters as “GLWR Rescue Ambassadors” that will spread the word about their positive experience and that there are many wonderful dogs available for adoption everywhere!

Adoption Application