Michigan Seizure Case

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Friday September 4, 2020 

UPDATE - looks like about 22 stitches on top but we can’t see underneath where the drain is. Patrick is doing very well considering what he's just gone through. He is asking to go out to do doggie business, is eating and drinking well and is taking his medicine like a good boy.
Patrick has a drain which empties with fluid when he stands. Dr. Kathleen also removed two smaller lumps under his leg, which is great news.

UPDATE - Patrick's surgery went well. It was a lengthy extensive surgery and will be a slow and difficult healing process. He will need repeat post surgical visits to the Vet for bandage changes and pain medication. This will be the first of several surgeries for this lovely boy. Not easy when you are 11 - But GLWR is doing all we can to ensure he has great quality of life.

This is GLWR's new arrival sweet ole boy Patrick - he is 11 years old. Patrick loves everyone and everything. He has the sweetest nature one could imagine in spite of his physical discomfort.

He loves attention from people and being petted and belly rubs are his favorite. In desperate need of a bath upon arrival his foster Dad found that he actually enjoyed his spa experience and was very happy to show off his clean and fresh smelling coat afterwards! Once his was spiffed up we were able to assess his medical needs - which unfortunately we found to be extensive.

Patrick spent most of his life living in the owner's garage or basement. He has multiple lipomas and masses with 3-5 of them being critical for removal to ensure his quality of life and comfort. His nails and teeth were left unattended and he is in desperate need of dental care and extractions. Most of his teeth are worn and broken from chewing on hard objects.

His nails will require routine weekly trims to move the blood quick back slowly. He has arthritis in his joints and his hips and will require anti-inflammatory medication for the remainder of his life to help keep him comfortable.

His first surgery took place on 09/02 to remove the largest of the masses on his right hip. The mass was the size of 1/2 of a small melon and prevented him from walking or lying down comfortably.  He will need repeat post surgical visits to the Vet for bandage changes and pain medication.

GLWR is grateful for all donations & prayers.

patrick's incision
patrick's incision 2
patrick's hip & belly
patrick - chest lump
patrick lying on his back