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Hoarding Case – Ingham County Michigan

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Michigan Seizure Case

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December 22, 2020

It takes a village - and GLWR loves its village. Thanks to incredible people making donations, more than $22,000 dollars has been raised to care for and treat the 26 Weims in our care. We are happy to report that all of Grace's (aka Moira) puppies have been adopted and several foster families who took dogs in will be formally adopting them. Stay turned to see who'll be available for adoption in the new year.  Gatsby is healing nicely and will have his stitches removed in a few weeks. Social media was particularly helpful for this campaign. GLWR sincerely thanks everyone who helped spread the word about these dogs.  xoxo

December 15, 2020

Gatsby (AKA # 19 male dog) had successful surgery today to remove the massive lump on his shoulder. While he has about 12 days of recovery ahead of him, we are sure Gatsby will feel much better in no time.

This is one example of how GLWR is using donations received thus far. If you've donated - Thank you. We are about $6,000 short of our goal of $22K - please help if you're able. These dogs suffered so much and need treatment and medications. They're all in loving foster family homes and many are being neutered and spayed over the next month.

December 14, 2020

We have awesome news to share! Temple & her son Elliot drove 6 hours to meet and officially adopt Moira - the young Mama from the seizure case.  Moira is about to begin to really learn what it's like to be a family dog in a warm home with lots of love and great food. GLWR is so grateful to Dr. Adriane White and her husband and little girls for taking such excellent care of Moira and her four puppies; who have pending adoptions in the next few weeks.

Our fundraiser to support all of these dogs is ongoing. Thanks so much to everyone who's donated so far. These dogs deserve excellent care and we're going to ensure they get it thanks to our generous donors.


December 5, 2020 

On October 30th Ingham County Animal Control Officers executed a court-ordered warrant to seize 22 adult Weimaraners and 10 one-week old puppies from two residences in Haslett, MI. The Officers described the dogs’ living condition as deplorable. There was not enough food for these poor dogs who were living in filth; feces and urine throughout the home. Several of the adult dogs had old scars and current wounds along with untreated tumors and masses, as well as skin, eye and ear health issues. The one-week old pups had what appeared to be home-rendered docked tails and one died from septic infection within days of the seizure.

Based on reports, owners were likely breeding and selling Weimaraner puppies who were living in this extreme filth. Only a of the few dogs were licenced and allowed outside to minimize detection of the number of dogs being confined in the home. All other dogs were not let outside and were forced to exist inside the dilapidated homes of the owners. This means that most of the dogs there never:

  • felt grass on their feet or sun on their face
  • were forced to urinate and defecate inside
  • fought each other for food

As the majority of dogs both male and female were intact uncontrolled mating was a recurring event. Some of females showed signs of C-sections and evidence of repeated breeding since a young age.

October 30th was their last day in Hell.

GLWR reached out to Ingham County Animal Control with an offer of support as soon as we heard of the situation. We worked collaboratively with the shelter and law enforcement and rallied to transport 22 adult dogs and four two-week-old puppies to GLWR  foster homes. They’re safe and starting to learn what it is to be in a warm home, fed healthy nutritious food, have access to food, beds, toys, and experience love living as a family companion.

We’ve only just begun to care for these pour souls – and have been horrified to discover:

Eye & Ear infections

Ear infections in some of the dogs were so severe that they had to be sedated for examination and will require steroids & antibiotics for weeks. Many may in fact have permanent ear health impact. Eye infections also required treatment.

Skin Infections

All of the dogs reeked of feces and urine and were filthy. Their coats were in terrible condition and many had underlying bacterial and staph infections from untreated skin issues. Those dogs will require ongoing treatment with steroids and specialized medical baths to help control the infection and return their skin to good health.


So long that the dogs struggled to walk comfortably. Some had curled and caused damage to the paw pads. We cannot imagine the pain.

Wounds & Scars

One vet found unremoved stitches behind a dog’s ear that had been there for months and were embed. One male has a tumor on his should that is the size of a small melon and looks to have been split open and left untreated. He will require surgical intervention and care. All of these dogs have many scars – indicative of constant fighting – perhaps over food & water.

Next Steps

While these dogs are on the road to good health and forever homes - they need extensive vet care, medication, good food and supplements, and spays & neuters.

GLWR Needs Money

Estimated cost for each dog is $1,000. Fundraising campaign total is $22,000. Please give what you can. These dogs deserve it.

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gatsby post surgery
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