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UPDATE: Tuesday May 26 

Despite Dr. Adrianne White's greatest effort, skill and care, we are devastated to share that Khalessi left us today. Thank you to everyone who said a prayer & made donations to cover surgery & emergency bills.

GLWR volunteers work so hard to give these dogs a chance at a better life - the one they truly deserve. While we feel defeated today, we must keep going as there are so many more Weims that need us.

Godspeed Khaleesi - may your journey to the Rainbow Bridge be swift.

UPDATE: Saturday May 23 - Khaleesi is not doing well - Not eating or drinking. The Grantz foster family took Khaleesi to their Vet this morning and they are now on their way to Dr. Adrianne's home where she will monitor her closely. The concern in that she may have Peritonitis (inflammation/infection of the stomach lining) which can be a post surgical complication or even from a unseen tear by a foreign object. The condition has a mortality rate of 50-70%. Not looking great for her right now and we may lose her this weekend. Dr. Adrianne will do her best....Please keep Khaleesi & Dr. Adrianne in your thoughts and donate to her care if you can:

UPDATE: Friday May 22
Yay! Khaleesi POOPED! And it was beautiful. Photos of her departure will be posted soon.

UPDATE: Thursday May 21
Khaleesi is still on an IV, but able to stand. Still no bowel movement. Staff are monitoring her closely.

May 19 from Dr. White: 
Khaleesi doesn't have a fever, incision looks good and she ate everything I offered. She’s certainly not out of the woods, but so far so good.

Lethargic Khaleesi underwent emergency surgery performed by Dr. Adrianne White to remove several foreign objects and repair intestinal damage. Out of surgery now - it will be "touch & go" for the next 24 hours.

GLWR is grateful for all donations & prayers.

Khaleesi – Emergency Surgery

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Donation Total: $10.00

weim & angel
khaleesi on way to adrianne
Kheleesi pre surgery
khaleesi standing