Hi! My Name Is Wolfgang

We're happy to tell you that Wolfgang has a new furever home.
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Hello there! I am Wolfgang, but most people affectionately call me Wolfy, cause what can I say? I am just a sweet, affectionate guy! I love to lie across the legs of my hoomans and give them kisses to remind them that I just love them so so much! You see, I had a master who loved me very much and I followed him everywhere. We were just 2 peas in a pod. Well, I was there with him as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge for hoomans and I just miss him a lot! It took me awhile to come out of my shell, but slowly, I have started to enjoy life again and the simple pleasures it has to offer! I have adjusted well in my foster home! While I don't really play with the other dogs, it's just nice having them around and running with the pack. I like the activity of my family - someone is usually home which is good because they have recently discovered that I am a master escape artist from the crate! I am just so proud of my skill and love to show it off occasionally just to keep them on their toes! My foster mom (I am her shadow) says that I can likely just free roam, but all of us 4-legged residents are crated just to keep any rumbling from happening when the 2-legged residents are out. I would love to have a Furever Home where there may be another dog just to make me feel secure and where my hoomans are home doting on me as much as they can!