Charlie Watts

Hi! My Name Is Charlie Watts

We're happy to tell you that Charlie Watts has a new furever home.
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Introducing Charlie Watts - Named in homage to the legendary Rolling Stones drummer, Charlie is ready to embark on his solo journey to find his forever home.

Meet the playful Watts, a 7-year-old blue Weimaraner mix who has overcome a challenging start in life. Watts was previously confined outdoors 24/7, enduring harsh weather and being chained up. Since finding his way to GLWR, he's made remarkable progress. No longer gripped by fear of people and other dogs, he's learning the true meaning of love, relishing good food, a warm home, a comfy bed, and delicious duck jerky treats.

Currently, Watts is under the loving care of a foster family in Howell, Michigan. While he may not be winning any fetch awards just yet, he gives it his all and is determined to master the game. Watts, however, excels at snuggling and watching TV, making him an ideal companion for those cozy evenings. His newfound confidence, symbolized by his red chest harness, has made him strut around with endearing swagger.

Watts peacefully rests in his kennel at night and has even come to enjoy baths at the local pet store, though the Bearded Dragon remains a puzzle to him. His exercise needs are modest, preferring quick trips "out to the mailbox during commercial breaks" so he can promptly return to his shows. He's also shed a few pounds during his daily walks around the block. Watts has a soft spot for chicken slices from the deli.

This 7-year-old Weimaraner mix, a neutered male, seeks a tranquil home filled with love. While he's a bit on the shorter side, counter surfing is not in his repertoire. Watts can thrive as an only dog or coexist harmoniously with another furry sibling. However, families with kids under 15 may not be the best match, as he may resource guard his favorite human if feeling threatened by other dogs.

Watts tends to take a few steps forward and occasionally a step or two back as he acclimates to new surroundings. Patience is key as he gains confidence over time. A fenced-in yard would be a plus, but it's not a necessity, as he handles being on a tie just fine. While invisible fencing has been considered, it may not be ideal due to his tendency to bolt forward rather than retreat.

Charlie Watts is a quiet, low-energy fellow who'd make a great companion for condo or apartment living. His gentle demeanor and unassuming nature set him apart.