Hi! My Name Is Timber

We're happy to tell you that Timber has a new furever home.
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"T-I-M-B-E-R" - yup that's me. A big Lumberjack kind of guy in body and spirit. If you would like to hang out and do "guy" and "dog" stuff then you and I need to cop a squat and have a chat.  I am  looking for another guy to pal around with. I like to sniff and wander around outside and generally listen but sometimes my nose gets the better of me. My foster Mom calls me "cranky pants" and "Walter Matthau" (I do not get that one) as I learned some not so good behaviors (I growl to make people go away when I do not want to be bothered). I learned this as a way to get the ladies in my previous home to leave me be. We didn't like each other much. So Pops and I headed for the lake cottage a lot. I loved going to the lake cottage with just my Pop. He got sick and couldn't keep me so that is how I ended up at GLWR. They have been good to me but I would really like my own place. I need someone who likes to be in charge and isn't afraid to be the leader of my pack but also understand that I need my space, especially when I have my dog stuff;  like my food bowl, bones etc.) Hey, you wouldn't like it if I sauntered up to your dinner table and stated putting my paws on your plate or eating our of your dish would you? Quid Pro Quo right! One last thing, I can make great music when I sit. It is uncanny (but not smelly) the tunes I can make. I am my own one dog dude band! Ideally, it would be great to live the life of a bachelor with another guy. That's not to say I don't like girls and all, but let's face it, guys rule and girls drool! It's not that I don't enjoy meeting gals and kids too. I just rather not have to live in a house full of them. I like car rides, leash walks, a little ball play, free roams and all kinds of adventures, especially swimming. So if we can do fun stuff like that, it would be awesome! Other dogs in the home are okay (cats not so much) but crazy young pups can increase my crankiness a bit, so a little older is better from my perspective. What I DO NOT like are rain & thunderstorms and slippery floors. So, if you want a bad weather early warning system in your home - I'm your guy. I can smell those scary rumbling terrors from the heavens before they even get here!  So if you are looking for a "guy pal and best bud" to hang out with and do "guy stuff" with, I am up to being your first mate!! So Dude what'cha wait'in for get online and get that app done. There's summer fun to be had!!!