Hi! My Name Is Kaliber

We're happy to tell you that Kaliber has a new furever home.
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We have a 5yr old purebred Weimaraner named Kaliber that needs a new home. He is a very sweet and loving boy! He wants to be with his people all the time. Being a Weimaraner, he is very active and needs a job to keep him busy. I believe he would excel at hunting and dock diving especially. He will play fetch with a frisbee or a ball all day long if you let him. His favorite pastimes are hiking, swimming, and retrieving things out of the water. We love taking him to lakes and streams to let him play. He would make an excellent hunting companion! He does bark and whine a lot, but he is also not being worked very often. He spends a good amount of time alone and/or in his kennel while his people are at work. He hates being alone more than anything and he will definitely let you know! He doesn't bark much on the days he gets a lot of attention and exercise. He knows to be calm inside the house and that outside is the place to run. When indoors, he loves lounging and snuggling on the couch with his people. He does bark when people come to the door, but he can usually be quieted down. He has always been good with all people. He is nice to kids, but he does have a tendency to knock small children over - especially if he's playing fetch. He doesn't have any concept of where he is in space and may step on your feet or possibly on small children or infants on the floor. He may also take food from a small and unaware child - something we can't work on because we are not around kids enough to train it out of him. He begs for food from adults from time to time but he does not take food from them. He gets along just fine with every dog he has ever met - he mostly ignores them and wants his human and/or ball anyway. He is very human oriented. He does well with cats and chickens as well. He can be off-leash without a problem. He always stays near you - especially if you have a frisbee or ball. He is trained in all basic obedience commands - though he is often slow to perform. He is neutered and up to date on all of his vaccines. He does have a skin allergy where his skin will get red and irritated. He has always had this issue. He requires a daily dose of Benadryl in order to keep that away. We are currently experimenting with taking chicken from his diet. He also has a small problem with the corner of his eye that does not cause him pain or discomfort but it does make his eye tear up or get goopy from time to time. Those are the only health issues he has that we are aware of. My mom got him at 12 weeks not fully understanding the weim breed. So she eventually asked me to take him. I had him for years, then I rehomed him to a family that had active kids, a huge yard, and what we thought would be a better life for him. They had him for a year then didn't want to deal with him anymore. (He was snatching food from the kids' mouths, barking a lot, and I don't think they kenneled him while they were gone so I suspect he was getting into a lot of their food/things.) We took him back and we've had him again for 6 months. This time I want to be sure his new family is very aware of his issues and are willing to work with him and give him a forever home. We love him but we are not able to give him the attention and exercise he needs to be happy here. He spends a lot of his time crying and barking because we are out of the house so much. We would love for him to go to a hunting and/or active household that could use his natural bird dog instincts and talent. Preferably a home with no children or older children who wouldn't be easily knocked over and who won't let him steal food from their hands. We have been trying to find a home for him for several months and have been interviewing a lot of people. We have yet to be able to find the right people and we have unfortunately run out of time to keep looking ourselves. We are about to have foster babies in our home and we are afraid he may accidentally hurt them (never intentionally, of course!) It pains us to not know where he will end up, but we are willing to surrender him to your organization in trust that you will do right by him and find the right family with whom he will thrive.