Hi! My Name Is Groot

We're happy to tell you that Groot has a new furever home.
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Grootie is such a sweetheart. He’s got the typical Weimaraner separation anxiety, but is the biggest lover. He’ll need someone home most of the day and it’s best if he has a dog brother or sister. He won’t even go potty alone. He’s broken out of kennels so for his own safety, Groot should not be crated. He’s also incredibly smart and has learned how to open ALL of our doors AND the garbage. We have to lock all doors at all times and keep the garbage bungee corded always. He will counter surf if given the opportunity, but won’t do it right in front of us.

He has a very high prey drive, so small dogs and cats are not a good idea. He’s also very big, very strong, and jumpy. Small children may not be the best idea either. We’re still working on potty training and manners, but he responds well to the squirt bottle and can be home for short periods of time without accidents. Groot is about a year and a half old and on the larger side for weims. I imagine at at healthy weight, he’d be close to 80-90lbs.