Hi! My Name Is Grayson

We're happy to tell you that Grayson has a new furever home.
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Grayson is a big hunk o' love that weighs in at just over 100lbs and is being fostered in Crystal Lake, Illinois. He’s a calm boy who just wants to be by his people and doggy friends. He’s especially happy if there is a big dog bed or sofa upon which he can sit majestically. This elegant lad has no problem living with cats - after the initial sniffs, he leaves them alone and lets them carry on. 

Within a day of entering his foster home, Grayson was trained on an invisible fence, and respects the boundaries of the yard like a gentleman. He also listens very well! When foster mom and dad say “Grayson stop!“ he stops and redirects his attention. He has the potential to be a great leash walker.  His foster Mom has been working on this and she has a few tricks up her sleeve that she'll happily share with his forever family!

Grayson LOVES his stuffies. They are his babies, and he will carry them around until he finds a quiet spot away from the other dogs. Only then will he go to town and rip their insides out! But not always: he seems particularly fond of the stuffed lion he picked out for himself at the store. When his foster sis ripped its head off, his foster mom sewed it back on. He now brings it to mom for protection when sis tries to take it. It literally is his baby. 

He would do great in a home with other dogs and cats. He loves the activity and commotion. Foster mom works permanently from home, so he’s not left at home much, but his former owner said he was ok by himself for up to 6 hours.

He’s good with the elderly. Grayson went to visit his foster dad’s 87-year-old grandpa and he was a very good boy with guidance.  Grayson sat and waited for Grandpa to approach him and once he got his sniffs in, he was no longer tempted to jump.

He needs leadership, a disciplined routine, and love. For example:  his table manners were atrocious when he arrived at this foster home - in short time, his two foster brothers in the pack showed him what to do: lay down quietly while people eat.  He's got tons of potential and all the smarts and people pleasing desire to make a great addition to his future family.  So far Grayson knows the following commands: Sit, Down, Paw and Come and he's eager to learn more. A very active Weim savvy family with patience would be a great match for Grayson.