Hi! My Name Is Biscuit

“Biscuit was half of a twosome (littermates) that came to me as fosters in April 2018. Both had an inherited disease call PRN which leads to blindness. He was already totally blind but his brother Scooby still had some sight and Biscuit relied on him as his beacon. Scooby helped navigate walks, explore the backyard, find toys and figure out paths around the house. Adopted out together the pair would adapt and make great companions for a quiet and caring household, but it did not come to pass as sadly Scooby succumbed to a bowel obstruction not too long afterward.

Although our home does not fit the profile of “quiet” by any means it was unfair to let Biscuit go to another family without the benefit of his seeing eye brother to help him figure out a new routine and household, so Biscuit found his place to stay with us forever.”

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