Hi! My Name Is Asher

We're happy to tell you that Asher has a new furever home.
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fostered in Willougbhy, Ohio: 


  • typically comes when called. “Asher!! (Or Ash!!) Come!”
  • Enjoys a good sniff in the yard, takes her time when having to go. Enjoys being outside and will go out any time of day, other than after 10-11 pm, after being out throughout the day when owner is home.  She’s getting her beauty sleep at that time. LOL. She often runs to door any time owner gets up to move. Doesn’t always indicate needing to go outside. Just wants to be with owner!
  • Can be a bit food protective but only with one of my dogs who takes forever to eat a bowl of food (he doesn’t scarf it down in two minutes as she does). Feed her on own. If other dogs are eating, monitor/keep them apart and there won’t be issues. Same with treats.
  • Barks to go outside if needed or goes by door, whines.
  • Comes back to door and right inside when done outside.
  • Runs after animals in yard and nearby yards, led to do so by other dogs in pack especially other weim.
  • Understands “leave it” command. If digging in yard, when called, usually she stops, and moves along. This digging is occasional, it’s more like investigating with a paw and then done.
  • Gets along with (2) male dogs: one male weim and one male shepherd/ retriever mix. Older shep mix had to adjust a bit. He was nervous at first but that’s typical for him around other dogs, especially females.
  • LOVES her bed. She will come to bed right away and sleep on her bed next to yours overnight or even for a daytime nap!  She does snore a little bit, but it’s not loud.
  • Enjoys a dog bed in living room as well. That’s her go to during the day when owner is home.
  • Doesn’t get up on couches or beds to relax, even if invited. My two dogs jump in window to bark at people walking by - she does jump onto couch and into to window for that (neighborhood watch!).
  • Enjoys snuggles/hugs/kisses after eating. She’s so happy to have been fed, it’s as if she’s showing she’s appreciative!
  • Loves to roll in the grass (not on anything gross), just smiles and rolls around. Does the same in the living room.
  • Eats hills science diet food: 1.5 cups twice a day. Eats quickly.
  • Tried crating. It was a rough first week. Barked all day, I’m a teacher so it was 6.5-7 hours away. She shredded anything in crate and slid the tray out. After a week of that, we tried no crating and all was well here when she was with my two boys. I monitored on Furbo camera and all was well amongst the pack. She never got into anything but I do keep all food off of the counters due to other weim being a counter surfer.
  • When owner is away, she stood in bay window and whined. She wants to be with her people!
  • Would be best suited for a retired person or someone who works from home. Can be with other dogs or not.